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James Adam Sanders

My art incorporates many different styles and techniques: hand-built paper textures on wood, acrylic painted woodblock carvings, integration of found objects with various media, and watercolors. Regardless of the media, my work is primarily abstract. The interplay of mixed media and varied techniques enable me to find success in my art. The more abstract my work becomes, the better that I am able to express my inner world. My artwork is meant to capture a raw expression of feeling and convey the inner struggle we deal with juxtaposed against the emotion we try to show on the surface; sometimes they are one and the same, but other times there may be an abrupt or stark contrast between them. Feelings of conflict, depression, addiction, love, lust, and hate are some of the emotions depicted in this body of work.

Current Work

Maintained By: James A.Sanders
Created: 1 Jun 2010
e-mail: james.a.sanders@okstate.edu