100 Days of Night

Limited Edition of 10 Giclee Prints available.
11"x30" on BFK $200.00

The series 100 Days of Night, as well as other works in this exhibition, represents an artistic journey into a world largely defined by my struggle with depression. Specifically the artwork is an attempt to capture the raw expression of the issues and feelings associated with this condition, such as conflict, addiction, love, lust, and hatred. In particular, these works are an attempt to convey the sometimes subtle, sometimes stark conflict between my inner turmoil and the outward fašade of confident control that is maintained for the sake of others.

In executing 100 Days of Nights, I set a goal of producing a minimum of 50 images in 100 days. All the images within this series contain ten circles and are hung in a grid to show the parameter in which the work was created. In this regard, the series is the physical record of a demanding regimen that required a commitment to producing art on a near daily basis regardless of shifting moods and circumstances.

Stylistically, my work is primarily abstraction. I find that through abstraction I am better able to express the inner turmoil and conflict I am attempting to convey to the viewer. My artwork incorporates many different techniques. However, in this particular exhibit, I have chosen to restrict myself primarily to watercolor painting. I have also included several examples of printing methods.

Ultimately the goal of the artworks in this exhibition is to share with my viewers the wide range of emotional struggle and conflict associated with a potentially debilitating disease. This work represents my attempt to battle against depression in the way I know best - through my art. In doing so, it is my hope that I can help bring light to a condition that is all too often misunderstood by those who are unaffected and hidden by those who struggle to cope with the disease.





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